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K Bugter

"Which man would go on a fun trip with only men?" I thought. Now I know that this trip is not for fun. This pilgrimage is a wonderful investment in yourself.

I got to know the difference between fun and happiness during this pilgrimage. I recognized the beautiful nature as part of myself.

Sujith Ravindran is a master at holding a sacred space where you - together with other men - can easily and sincerely look in the mirror. Every step of the pilgrimage is worth it. The bond that I've built up with the other pilgrims is eternal, and now I cannot imagine why I ever hesitated to go. A pilgrimage is like a treasure that you discover. You realize: I am a free man, I am like a treasure. You too?

Sujith, thank you for who you are. You walk your talk.

Dave W

"Sujith Ravindran is a visionary leader who has a wonderful gift of inspiring men to be better men. I highly recommend his work"

[I am]

Late 2012 I was convinced by one of my daughters to join this 3 day retreat.

Yes, it took some convincing for I saw myself as a no-nonsense, down to earth, hard working manager with little or no time left to spend on something I couldn’t put my finger on.
“Mastery in Masculinity” ??? …would someone dare to imply I’m not a real man…what could this be about…what is meant exactly… or maybe it’s just the next BS course?

Since I have a sound sense of curiosity I decided to participate…with an open mind…which is not as easy as it sounds for most of us are judgmental. Mea Culpa!

To me, this specific retreat came as a sort of revelation of my inner being, providing me insight on how I became the person I am / used to be / still am up to a certain point.

So, if you are the kind of person that wants to grow mentally and become aware of why and how things happen , understand how to determine your real goals in life and how to deal with past and future events in a mature way…this is your opportunity…trust me:-)

Melanie D
[Seeking the Divine]

Goodness! I felt like this book depicts the qualities exactly the opposite of the man I was married to for 6 years!!

Why didn't I get this book before?

Erik D

Until I joined the Mastery in Masculinity retreat, I had believed that my destiny was to work a dull job until retirement and live my life arguing with my wife and daughters. The retreat made me aware of the silliness of my current life, and how I had turned myself into a teenage friend to my teenage daughters! Before the retreat, I was never aware that I can be an inspirational father figure in the lives of my daughters and the purposeful strong oak in the life of my wife. I discovered that I have a great mission in my life and that my life does not end with my death.

Coming out of the retreat I feel like I am the lion of my jungle, being the loving servant of my grand mission and my family!

Thank you Sujith.....I will rejoin again when you are back in Europe.

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