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T Koonen

This weekend was the single most inspiring weekend of my life so far. The insights I have gotten from all of you together have taken my awareness to a higher level, I thank you all for that.

Trace H
[Business Director, CANADA]

When I consider the impact that Sujith's men's pilgrimage has had on me and my ability to hold space for myself and my team, the word that comes to mind is--Pivotal.

Working with Sujith on the areas of personal mastery and mature masculinity at first glance seemed disconnected from my role as a corporate leader to me. After working through substantial work, processes, and practices I have seen a deep connection between these areas of my life.
My ability to lead from my inner world by being aware and present has been greatly supported by working with Sujith. The ripple affect on my team is that they too now have been able to tap into deeper resourcefulness, inspiration, and deeper levels of service--professionally and personally.

As we know outer leadership starts with inner leadership first. The work that I have been privileged to be a part of with Sujith has helped me to lead from the inside out-- with my customers, my employees, my vendors, and with my daughters.

I am deeply grateful for my experiences with Sujith.

Riccardo B

Grazie fratello Sujith Ravindran, anche se x me sei un maestro.
Mi hai insegnato tanto e ti sarò grato x tutta la vita. Un buon maestro, ti dice dove guardare ma nn cosa vedere. Così hai fatto con me. Grazie di cuore. Amen

Thanks brother Sujith Ravindran, although for me you are a master.
You taught me so much and I will be grateful x life. A good teacher, tells you where to look but what to see. So did with me. Heartfelt thanks. Amen


Wonderful opportunity for growthful exchange and gaining a deeper understanding of how a brotherhood can help develop the mature masculine and actually apply it to real-life situations and challenges and come out smiling! All held together beautifully by Sujith's lovely energy, spiritual experience, anecdotes and big smile!

Thanks again.


For me it has been a memorable and unique experience, the greatest of my life.

I met Sujith, a person, in my opinion so rare even if I met so many in my life. He is always ready and available for everyone, there is no time, there is no fatigue, he will always make himself available to help others. The pilgrimage of seven days that I've spent with him...you can only imagine the beauty of a walk with him and the other guys just met at the beginning of the pilgrimage, that, suddenly as a miracle they have transformed and became all like him.

It’s an experience that I suggest to anyone, a path with strangers that become friends……Unforgettable!

I will never stop thanking you…. Thank you Sujith and see you soon.

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