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MASTERY IN MASCULINITY (18-Week Teleseminar)



The MASTERY IN MASCULINITY seminar is a powerful 18-week Teleseminar that helps the participants dive deeply into 27 mature masculine attributes depicted in the book, “MATURE MASCULINITY: Man’s Inner Essence”. The Teleseminar is an elegant mix of both knowledge and practice, and it offers you – the participant – a great opportunity to immerse yourself into what is already contained within you, your Mature Masculine essence. The goal of the Teleseminar is to support you – as a man – embody your greatest essence and live your fullest magnificence in life, love and work.

Through deep self-examination, exercises and "home play", and by sharing your personal experiences and ‘best practices’ with your fellow participants in the Teleseminar, you will gain greater self-awareness and mastery on the attributes of the Mature Masculine. From week 1 of the Teleseminar, you can start implementing and practicing the attributes of the Mature Masculine in any life situation such as work or family.


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The programme is targeted at men who seek to own their mature masculine essence (though I have noticed some women show interest in the course).



The 18-week MASTERY IN MASCULINITY Teleseminar consists of the following:

  • One 90 minutes introductory Teleseminar
  • Eight 90 minutes Teleseminars (odd weeks) which will explore 27 attributes of the Mature Masculine
  • Nine 90 minutes Teleseminars (even weeks) where the participants share and explore their personal practices and experiences, recognize limiting beliefs and blocks and unlock them for effortless application in their day-to-day living
  • A series of exercises and "home plays" spread across the 18 weeks to help the participants bring to life the attributes of the Mature Masculine.
  • Virtual group work among the participants to accelerate your growth
  • Self-guided learning and/or review of the book; MATURE MASCULINITY: Man’s Inner Essence



Week 1: Weeks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17
  • What is Mature Masculinity?
  • Mature Masculinity and its impact upon the self, relationships, profession and our world as a whole.
  • The framework of the remaining 17 weeks and what is expected of the participants.
  • Logistics for the remainder of the seminar.
  • The greatest pursuit of the Mature Masculine.
  • The stairway to greater acknowledgment from society.
  • Q & A
During each week we will explore three attributes of the Mature Masculine. The discussion of each attribute will be interwoven with self-examining questions meant to create a break from existing conditioning of each participant. This will be followed by some assignments and invitations that will support each participant embody and live these attributes in their everyday lives.
Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Week 18
  • Discuss best practices.
  • Explore the experiences of the participants.
  • Explore solutions for the limiting beliefs and roadblocks the participants face in their daily practice of Mature Masculinity.
  • Exchange experiences and lessons.
Wrap-up. Bring together this amazing journey of the past 18 weeks


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These are some of the outcomes that past participants have experienced;

  • A profound knowingness of what it means to be a mature masculine.
  • A renewed vitality in your relationship to life
  • An aligned and centered association with all that is
  • A greater self-awareness of your limitless potential
  • Belief in the infinite possibilities to shape the life of your choice


(All classes are recorded so if you are unable to attend one or two classes, you can catch up by listening to the recording though you will miss out on the opportunity of sharing your personal experiences with the group and gaining greater clarity from the group.)



Have you ever found yourself wondering...

"How can I access and live my fullest potential?"
"As a man, what is my heart's deepest longing?"
"What does it mean to be my most mature masculine self?"
"How can I be the fullest I can in all walks of life?"




Do you relate to any of the statements below?

"I feel I am unseen for who I truly am"
"I am not respected for the unique gifts and blessings that I possess"
"I seem insignificant or irrelevant in the lives of those around me"
"Everything that I achieve in life takes significant effort and feels worthless once achieved"
"I feel like I have not been given a fair choice on how my life should be lived"
"Things go wrong for me due to no fault of my own"
"My romantic relationships lose its spark soon after its newness is gone"
"My relationships do not inspire me to grow and enrich myself"
"I can't remember the last time I had a real quality conversation"
"I am unhappy and unfulfilled, but I don't know how to fix it"
"I am tired and confused with how my life has been, but I don't know how I want to be"
"Life seems OK, but I have this nagging sensation that there is a deeper meaning to life that I can accomplish"
"I am missing a sense of purpose and direction in my life"
"I feel like my life is caught up in this endless trap of routines"
"I feel I have lost touch with my dreams and who I really am"
 "I know that I am alive, but my life is not lively!"
"My work offers me money, but not meaning"
"My fancy car isn't taking me to where I want to go (in life)"
"I am quite a rich man, but I don't feel rich"
"I have opulence in life, but I lack abundance"
"I deserve a better deal from life, love and work"
"I miss adventure in my life"
"I am too much in my comfort zone"

These are some typical statements the trainers have heard over years from men.

If any of the above statements relate to you, that is evidence that you are not embodying and living your true mature masculine essence.




All the truths that are meant to serve you be your best, all the gifts that you need to flourish in life, and all the power that you need to be your fullest is already contained within you. Your challenge is to unlock it and live it.

MASTERY IN MASCULINITY is an intense and life transforming 4-day offsite event for you, if you are a man who wishes to live in fulfillment in all aspects of your life. This men-only retreat offers a nurturing, enlightening and motivating space of growth for you.

In this retreat, you will be taken through a series of processes that are powerfully heart-opening, exercises that lead to profound clarity, group work that leads to healing, and wisdom that will shatter many of the myths & stories that keep you chained to your current conditioning.


  • - You will go away with a powerful connection with yourself
  • - You will take away practices that can be used everyday
  • - You will receive tools to remain bold and heartful
  • - You will resolve to remain purposeful and passionate
  • - You will attain clarity to remain authentic and mature
  • - You will achieve an inner alignment to be fully man
  • - You will alter your inner relationship that will reflect in all relationships in your life, and
  • - You will be in your full presence in all aspects of your personal, professional and social life.
  • - You will learn to remain fiercely resolute in your values and principles
  • - And so much more

So join the MASTERY IN MASCULINITY Retreat prepared to be challenged to unravel your current reality and shed the conditioning and patterns that you have acquired through your years of experienced life.


In the retreat, we will also train on building BROTHERHOODS. This is an addition to the program that is long due, without which all training for men remains incomplete."


About the trainer

In every moment of his life, Sujith aspires to embody the highest that is present within man. This is also the inspiring example he sets among the men who join him in the retreats participants. To find more on Sujith, please visit the author's page.

During the retreat, he will be assisted by another coach in creating a powerful learning and growing environment for the participants.