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Sujith Ravindran is a bestselling author and master of the spiritual sciences of India. He assists individuals and groups in personal mastery and inner leadership, and is a guide to many leaders in business and politics. He is renowned in North America, Europe and India. 

For his work on facilitating personal growth in Italy, he was conferred with the honour AMBASSADOR OF PEACE in Italy. Sujith has a realistic and light-hearted outlook on life and shares his teachings in an eloquent but down-to-earth way.



He believes that everyone is trying their best, and they are only being limited by their current levels of consciousness. He believes that he can think or be thought, that he can accept or control, that he can be the script-writer of his own reality or be the victim of his external reality, that he can live his life congruent with his inner voice or he can follow the diktat of the external voices, that he can align his life with his Dharma (purpose of existence) or he can idly follow a socially-prescribed ritual; either ways, he believes that he is the choice-maker of his life.



One-on-one or in group settings, he continues to support hundreds of men embody their most authentic masculine self. Countless men (and the women in their lives) have expressed gratitude to Sujith for being a supportive friend in helping them embody the greatest within themselves, and for helping them live their deepest fulfillment in their various roles as husbands, fathers, friends, sons, colleagues or leaders.

His workshops and seminars are hailed to go into the very depth of an individual’s being, to uncover and radiate the authentic essence of each individual.

MASTERY IN MASCULINITY is his signature 4-day retreat for men who are yearning to live their fullest. Hailed as a transformative programme for men, MASTERY IN MASCULINITY offers an inspiring opportunity for reinvention and renewal. Other trainings for men can also be found on this site.

Other popular personal development group programs include the PATHFINDER AFTERNOON seminar and the PATHFINDER RETREAT workshop. These programs are open to both men and women. The PATHFINDER AFTERNOON seminar is a half-day event where he gives the participants a glimpse of the ‘authentic self’ that resides within each individual, and its heartfelt longings in life. The PATHFINDER RETREAT workshop is a weekend event where he takes participants on a profound journey into the depths of their very being, in order to connect with their very essence and uncover and articulate for themselves the deepest longing of their inner selves.



He is the founder of the Blue Temple Academy. For more information on Sujth, or to see where he is please visit www.sujithravindran.com.

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